Monday, June 13, 2011


When I was really sick consecutively for the past few weeks, I was humbled down a lot when I really don't have the will to do or eat anything but just wish to get well really soon. Although that wasn't the worst I felt but, it was certainly the most rest I needed to regain a clear state of mind, body & soul. I felt weak on & off with blurry vision now & then. I was just too weak to drive out when the thought of the highway worries me that a 100 kmph car might even hit me. Having that blur vision on & off just fails me.

I finally felt some zest in me during the start of this week. That's when I could smile & feel some happiness again. Regaining back some energy is a total relieve! This sounds terrible but I ain't joking. I just want to feel healthy again. That was the only thing I wished for when I was suffering. A lil bit more to cure & I'll be fine. I do take myself for granted sometimes that I am feeling bad about it. Time to take pride in it now. :)

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